Houdini (3 track single)

by Cuz

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Cat# BHRC015



released October 5, 2014

Mike Watt: Vox and bass
Sam Dook: Drum kits, vox, guitars, percussion,
Danny Tobert: Guitar
Shige Ishihara: keyboard
Joceline Colvert: Accordian



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Bleeding Heart Recordings UK

Bleeding heart recordings is a Brighton based record label, founded in November 2009.

We are closely related to The Bleeding Hearts Club which has been promoting deserving musicians since 2002.

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Track Name: Houdini
I carry my name and thought collection
walk across the bridge of choice selection
it’s money for old rope, I’m drunk as a monk
cobwebs hang on a sad skeleton

the dead sheep and horses sing the violin’s song
houdini and the magic stick, kon-tiki and the quick step
keep yr head above water, plant ideas in the ground
night night, hold tight, don’t let it keep you down

the sandman’s coming in his train of cars
with moonbeam windows and wheels of stars
so hush you little ones and don’t you fear
the man in the moon is the engineer

the railroad track is a moonbeam bright
that leads on up to the starry night
so hush you little ones and don’t you fear
the man in the moon is the engineer

I’m konkin’ in the tub
where the dead get scrubbed
just played my brains out
on a d-town tour stop

sprawled on a pile
of funeral home tile
insulated by a konk sack sock now

at the time I didn’t pay no mind
a body gets tired from working hard bass

however the morning
brought informin’
I tripped discoverin’
where houdini last bathed
Track Name: The Lighthouse keeper
Shipwrecked now
On the raft
On my belly
My arm leaning over the side
w/ my hand in the sea
soaking deep cuts carved by rope
I was clinging to

Marooned like
Some kind of driftwood

I think of the lighthouse keeper
I try to think of one thing
But it always turns out to be two
The lighthouse
The lighthouse keeper
One inside the other
Beacon slowly turning ‘round
Round stairs inside
Up and down
Round and round
Up and down
In my mind
I even hear the foghorn moan

On my back now
Thundercloud over me
It bursts
Filling my open mouth
I will not die
Of thirst
This day
Track Name: Cuz featuring Floattt with Imon Starr - Tokyo Gnarl
■FLOATTT Yoshiii lyrics(English)

sometimes you cannot win for ur fight
sometimes you cannot sleep over night
sometimes you might lose your sight
sometimes you cannot show what is your inside

someday you will get good cream pie
someday mamma and dad gonna die.
someday you will get luck in July
someday ur girl might leave for the other guy

use all of ur money before you suicide
you might change that thought what you decide
thinking too much challenges your pride
too deep thought is like a sword against ur mind

huge sad wave overwhelms in your life
hate vibe stops your precious style and time but
time is going without taking ones side
only your way is thatyou gonna be alive

■IMON STARR lyrics(Japanese and English)
いつ でも どうぞ (any time is okay)
itsu demo douzo
おんがく は つよく(Music is strong)
ongaku wa tsuyoku
おれ は Imon Starr ぼうず(I am Imon Starr, Boy)
ore wa bouzu
うちゅう の たいしょう(space captain)
utyuu no taisyou

ぜん の せかいの(from the zen of earth)
zen no sekaino
こんぽん  は しんじつ に いきる(it’s most important that your truth survives)
konpon wa shinjitsu ni ikiru

うたう ぶしどう(warriors song,)
utau bushidou
ひとつ の こころ(one heart/soul)
hitotsu no kokoro

むかし むかし の(a long time ago)
mukashi mukashi no
その ひと の ことば を(that person’s words are)
sono hito no kotoba o

My life my road,
honor the code

keep it together or just let it explode
its all right
walk through the darkest night
remember your are the light, its sight
all that you can observe,
its all a reflection of your mind
if the world around you is just chaos you can see
then its the chaos that it takes to make you a human being (all right)
….. survival will make you stronger (all right)
observe the universe for the lessons inform your person (all right)
whether dealing with greater tragedies than you can imagine
or maintaining sanity in success, the double dragons

enthusiasm, dragon ride the roller coaster (all right)
you should enjoy the ride before its over.

the world is large, there’s something out there for you.
and something special inside, its something you have to do.
all right

■FLOATTT Yoshiii lyrics(Japanese and English)
避雷針がない yesとはい えない (there is no lightning rod, you cannot say "yes")
発ガン性が体内 失うもの もない (cancer is in your body you don't lose anything)
地震災害さけ られない崩壊 (you cant avoid collapse of earthquake disaster)
躁鬱じゃないでも みな 皆無でない ( you are not on manic depression but everyone has cause of it)

自然に逆らえない偶然には意味がない( you cant be against the nature in the earth. but accident have no meaning)
怒りが 自身の自信と時間を奪い (anger deprive ur confidence and time.)
時間は 味方にならない平等と理解( time don't take ones side but have some equality)
ただ漠然に無心に前進するが明快(only your way is going forward without thought)

be insane rather than be in pain
do it again even if its in vain
standing in rain feel like losing stain
bad and good thing come again and again